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The end of Used Games

30 March 2012 - 03:30 PM


Most of the other stuff is pretty interesting (Woo, AMD! Oh no I might need to buy a Vita) but the part that disturbs me is the part talking about used games. In a time when new games cost, on average, 60 bucks, this is absurd. The vast majority of my video games are bought used because I just can't justify spending $60 on a game when I could, instead, put it in my car's gas tank. This is something that would certainly put me off from buying the new Playstation.

What are you buying?

05 March 2012 - 11:19 PM

Angelo stood outside his black Escalade, drawing enough power from the ambient magnetic field being generated by the running car to keep him in his angelic white form. He hated the car because of its stereotypical use in the crimincal world. However, when it came to keeping up appearances, it was necessary, and making a deal for guns required that appearances be kept up. Around him stood three of his guys, Nicholas, JP and Tomas, each carrying sub-machine guns loosely in their hands. Angelo checked his watch, then looked down the little hill at the rows of storage units where he was supposed to meet Velasquez. Angelo was a little bit worried about meeting with such a big shot from the Venezuelan cartel, but he trusted that his relations with them in the past would ensure that nothing went down. They watched as another black Escalade pulled up to the gate, then through once the gate lazily pulled open. Everyone had Escalades, and everyone drove them to a gathering of other criminals. Angelo sighed, then signalled his buddies to get in the car and drive down, then took off into the sky.

He watched from above as his Escalade pulled up to the gate, went through, and stopped ten yards from the other vehicle. Nicholas, JP and Tomas got out of the car, and he heard the people by the other car yell something out. That's my cue, he thought, then he slowly drifted down, landing in front of the bright LED headlights of his SUV. A wave of relief washed over him after the men from the other car trained their guns on him as soon as he appeared, then relaxed once they recognized him.

"Velasquez, it's good to see you again," Angelo said, adopting a hint of an accent that he knew would also help smooth things over with the Venezuelan native.

The side door of the other Escalade opened up, and a pair of snakeskin cowboy boots hit the asphalt. Velazquez appeared from behind the door in a well-tailored suit, complete with cuff links and a large shiny belt buckle. He crossed the span between the two cars, pushing Angelo into motion to meet him halfway.

"Hola, Angelo," Velasquez said, thick with a hispanic accent, "I have heard much about you, but it's a pleasure to meet you in person."

Angelo chuckled and replied, "I hope what you've heard has been good, or at the very least not upsetting, Senor Velasquez."

"I would not be doing business with you if I had heard anything I did not like about you," Velasquez said, putting his arm over Angelo's shoulder and guiding him towards the rows of storage units, "instead, I'd likely have just shot you on sight and left." He laughed at this and said, "Relax! Let me show you what I've got!"

The two groups walked over to storage unit 354, and Velasquez gestured to one of his goons to open the door. "Mira! State-of-the-art, top-of-the-line, and garunteed to make anyone you don't like desaparecen!" Inside the unit stood crates upon crates, all of which presumably filled with guns. Angelo did some quick math and realized that Velasquez likely had enough guns there to supply a small army. "So, Angel of Metro City, what are you buying?"

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

15 September 2011 - 09:48 PM

Angelo watched as Guillermo and Ralph set about loading the boxes into the van. Angelo kept a look out for cops, though he was pretty sure that this warehouse was still within the Chief's jurisdiction, so none of the cops would be bothering him. Still, this area was fairly open and he did not want to be seen actively committing any crimes.

Guillermo almost dropped the box, causing Ralph to slip on something on the floor. They both went down with the large heavy wooden crate, and Angelo began rubbing his eyebrows. "Be careful, you two," he said, "That stuff's more valuable than either of you." Angelo walked over and picked up the box by himself, bringing it over to the van.

"Sorry boss," Guillermo said.

"That's fine. I can't expect you all to be too competent." Angelo said, "otherwise you all would begin demanding a bigger cut of the business..."

This Is A Stick Up!

22 June 2011 - 12:23 AM

Security Guard Romin Haffner had been very lucky to find the job at the Metro National Bank. He spent his days wandering around the bank floor, watching people come and go, and for the most part his job just meant he had to answer a lot of questions about who to ask about loans and where to go to open a checking account. Occasionally, he would have to accompany a customer down into the vault where they had the secure deposit boxes. He was lucky becuase he was a PE. Not one of those that allowed him to punch through concrete or fly. No, his extrahuman power was the ability to secret fish oil from his pores. Thankfully, though, he had registered himself with CAPE, and that added reference helped him to land a job as a bank security guard, helped along by the sudden demand for CAPE registered PEs as security personnel.

Romin had just finished his morning coffee when he noticed the men walking in. He was standing off to the side of the front doors, mostly keeping an eye on the people inside the bank, which explained why he didn't see the elbow until just before it connected with his nose and detonated fireworks right before his eyes.

The leader of the men that walked in, 5 in total, was dressed in a sharp white suit, white slacks, and matching shoes and gloves. All of this was topped off by white hair and a white wings jutting from his back. In fact, the only things about him that weren't white were his eyes and the Glock 19 he held in his hand. He brought this gun up, pointing it at the ceiling, and squeezed off three shots. The loud bangs were accompanied with screams from the bank's patrons. The other 4 men immediately ran over to the counters, pointing guns over the counter and shouting about seeing their hands.

"Good morning, my fellow Metro National Bank customers," the winged man said calmly but loudly, "In case you didn't realize, this is a bank robbery, and you all have found yourselves in the middle of it."

Good Olde Fashioned Villainy

19 June 2011 - 02:19 PM

So, who wants to thwart a good old fashioned villain and his attempt at a bank robbery?

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