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Posted 29 September 2014 - 12:58 AM

Real Name: Jade Dillinger (formerly Serena Jade Focker)

Codename: JD

Affiliation: Renegade

Species: Powered Human

Origin: During the 1930s, a man by the name of John Herbert Dillinger was released from the Indiana State Prison, and with little hope of finding decent work at the height of the Great Depression, he turned to a criminal lifestyle, robbing banks and police stations in a grand spree that would catapult him to the status of Public Enemy Number One. He scoffed at such designations, and continued a life of crime that ended in 1934, during a shootout at the Biograph Theater in Chicago.

Before all that, though, he was a teenager with a mean streak, prone to fighting and petty theft and bullying small children. He was married for a time, but it was never stable and eventually ended in divorce; he cheated on his wife, as criminals of the time were wont to do, and from these affairs a son named Henry was born. Henry's mother never got the chance to inform John of his illegitimate son, although she didn't much care to in the first place.

Fast forward over the better part of a century, and Serena Jade Focker was born in February of 1991. Rumors had persisted down through the years that her grandfather, Henry Fockers, was the secret son of that legendary bank robber; none but Serena (or "Jade" as she came to insist) took them seriously, and so enthralled was she by this possibility that she studied her supposed great-grandfather and did her best to take after him. Her conservative family took a dim view of these efforts, and when she tested positive for being a PE at the age of 11 her parents took the opportunity to send her to a boarding school in Metro City, Florida, where they were better equipped to deal with "radical liberalism and godless witchcraft".

Jade didn't mind, she hated her family anyway. And having powers just left her with a warm, vindicated feeling in her chest. And they were such useful powers too! Technomancy, enhanced charm and charisma, and accelerated critical and analytical thinking skills; mad science, in other words, although not quite.

The boarding school she had been banished to turned out to be a decent one, and she learned a lot, choosing to focus on history and math and shop classes. In her spare time she researched law and criminal history, and secretly developed plans for various heists and robberies; in developing her powers she discovered she could enhance simple gadgets and machinery, although making these enhancements permanent was somewhat beyond her raw talent at the time. She also spent more than one night sneaking away from the school, out on the streets learning things you couldn't learn in class; picking locks, jacking cars, how to spot the police, how to defend herself in a fight, and other such things.

At the age of 16 she got her license, and for some reason her family sent money to buy a car. Not a whole lot of money of course; she suspected they'd been guilted into giving her something to mark her birthday, just not enough something to really make an impact. Rather than buying a car, though, she decided it would be a better use of the money and her own talents to steal a car, and save the money for customizing and personalizing it.

So she spent a few weeks studying her target, a used car lot that frequented police auctions for a fair amount of its inventory. She had her eye on a Suzuki cycle, a rice rocket seized from a drug dealer's assets; pretending to be considering a purchase she test drove the thing a few times, got to know the owner of the lot, and got a feel for the security of the place. Which wasn't much, for some reason, but that was to her advantage and their loss.

The day came, and she arrived toward the end of the lot's shift. Naturally she asked for another test drive, charming the man into believing she was finally going to commit to it. Which was true, after a fashion; anticipating a sale and wanting to get things done fast at the end of the day, the man foolishly took the title and other paperwork with him in his truck to follow her. She took the bike out into the city, pushing it to its limits and thinking up ways to make it hers. Right when the salesman was getting antsy about being too far from the lot, she pulled into a cheap hotel and got into his truck, gave him her best doe eyes, and whispered in his ear about how they ought to work something out. Just the two of them, man and woman, alone at night...

The idiot fell for it hook line and sinker, and all she had to do was knock him to the ground, tie him up with his own belt and throw him in the back of the truck. Then she drove to the beach and left him there at the tide line, saying that he'd never live it down if people learned a teenage girl had got the better of him and stolen one of the hottest bikes he'd ever had on his lot.

She couldn't waste any time after that, and drove as fast as she dared back to the hotel to get the bike, and then to a chop shop across town who's chief mechanic was a friend of hers. He didn't like being woken up so late, but he agreed to turn the bike over and make it unrecognizable to anyone who'd ever seen it before.

Two weeks later she came back, paid for the new ride, took it out and tried to register it legally. When it came to insuring the thing, though, she ran into a snag; her parents were unwilling to pay for insurance on a street rocket, in fact they weren't too keen on paying for anything at all when she was concerned much longer, godless witch that she was. That was fine, she didn't need them much longer anyway. And she didn't really see the need for insurance, either, but that was something else. In the end she decided it was too much hassle and used her PE charm to get valid plates and registration, which she probably should have done in the first place.

Eventually she graduated the school, and got a job at the chop shop under her mechanic friend. She put her money into savings and took to petty crime as a lifestyle, stealing cars for the shop and robbing convenience stores and gas stations. Her powers were useful for confusing cameras and the like, or when she wanted a given holdup to proceed peacefully and without incident. She wasn't afraid to use her looks either, since most clerks were nerdy guys who fell for a flash of boobs between an open jacket anyway.

In time she had enough for a couple semesters of community college, though she didn't abandon the streets that had taught her so much. Things were going well, until she learned that her school was going to host a display of criminal artifacts from the past; sensing a heist begging to be done, she did some research and started plotting, recruiting, lining things out. This would be the biggest job she'd ever arranged, and it had to go down just right; there would be real consequences for failure if it went south, but the rewards were more than she'd ever imagined.

The best way to do it, she figured, was to move in the day the artifacts were to be moved out. So she found excuses to loiter about the loading bays, scouting the place out and getting a feel for security. Tougher than what she'd dealt with before, but nothing beyond her. She also viewed the display, of course, and to her astonishment there were items from her ancestor, John Dillinger! Including his favored firearm, a 1928 Thompson submachine gun. She knew that would have to come, more than the other things.

On a whim, one day before the big heist she submitted to another genetic test, this time to determine her heritage and ancestry. It proved beyond doubt she was a descendent of Dillinger, and that very day she went to have her name legally changed to Jade Dillinger. The court expressed doubts, of course, but she was firm in her desire, and her request was granted after a few days.

The big day came, and she assembled her crew. Most of what was stolen would end up fenced to pay them, but she knew they'd all be keeping a few things for themselves. Like the SMG she had her eye on. To prevent arguments at the eleventh hour she had them pick out their personal souvenirs in advance, and told them there was no changing their minds. They agreed, and the heist was in motion.

It went down outside the city, on an empty stretch of road that went through a swampy area. The crew had a large truck they used to run the lead van off the road, and the second van had to pull over and stop as well; the guards were all armed, but the crew was too, and they were swift in overcoming and subduing the museum security. Rather than unloading the vans they took the time to inspect them for tracking devices, disabling them along with any other security, then took the vans and the truck, leaving the guards stranded.

After that it was a simple matter of scattering, of moving the stuff underground and getting it sold. That took a while, but Jade didn't really care about the money. She had her great-grandfather's gun, and that heist was just the beginning. Her name and face never attached to the heist, and it was never fully solved; she graduated without incident, and when her share of the money came she bought a small condo in downtown MC. Perfect for a single girl just starting out in life.

Skills and training: Jade is a skilled criminal, knowing all kinds of small things she likes to think separate the thugs from the thieves. She can pick locks, crack safes, hotwire and steal cars, and negotiate for what she steals on the black market like a pro. In addition she can do her own getaway driving and has a solid grasp of history, particularly famous heists of the past and what they did right (and more importantly, where they went wrong!). She is a student of tae kwon do, and plans on taking kung fu as well.

Superhuman abilities: Jade is a technomancer, capable of imbuing gadgets and devices with magical power to enhance their performance. She also has a great deal of charm and charisma, capable of sweet-talking or seducing her way into or out of just about anything. Finally she is incredibly intelligent, with a keen mind for analysis and plotting, which she usually turns toward coming up with and carrying out various heists and criminal actions.

Advancement levels:

- Level 1:
- - - Abilities: She cannot permanently imbue pieces of tech without a great deal of time and effort, however she can implant a small dose of power to push the limits of a couple small devices past their usual parameters. She can also use it to short-circuit modern vehicles, disabling any security and hotwiring them at the same time.
- - - Skills: She can defend herself with her bare hands and with knives, and has the shooting ability one can expect of a criminal on her way to the top.
- - - Equipment: She owns a souped-up Suzuki Hayabusa in black and gold, which can go a little faster and uses less gas per mile than normal. She also owns John Dillinger's 1928 Tommy gun, which is much less prone to jamming or misfiring than normal, but otherwise is just like a normal Tommy gun.
- - - Other: With her charm, she can convince friends or acquaintances to help her out on any heists or actions she has planned, and with time can plan out and execute capers as complex museum robberies or mundane bank heists; if something screws up she can improvise on the fly, to a degree. If she gets pulled over she has a slightly better chance of talking her way out of it, but not that much of one. She owns a condo in downtown MC, not the best ever but something to come home to.
- - - Weaknesses: She's still just a young woman in her early 20s, and will bleed and die as easily as anyone else.

- Level 2:
- - - Abilities: Devices and tech she holds onto for twenty minutes or so start to warp into vaguely retro-futuristic styles of themselves as she focuses her powers on them; calculators take on glowy bits, modern (1898 or later) firearms start to look as if a raygun gothic universe spawned them, and other such effects. Performance is noticeably boosted but not remarkably so, and the aesthetic changes will reverse if she leaves them alone too long; permanent alteration is still a protracted affair.
- - - Skills: She's learned a thing or two more about hand-to-hand combat and knife fighting, and with guns she still has a "spray and pray" mentality common in those lacking formal training. At least she can control the recoil a little! She's also begun to study transhumanism and biomechanical augmentation, one day hoping to cyborg herself.
- - - Equipment: The Suzuki's paint glows in the sunlight and dirt or rust won't adhere to it, and strange little sparking highlights trail after in its path. Dillinger's Tommy gun has a permanently polished appearance, and it won't jam or misfire at all now in spite of the 100-round drum mag's tendency to do just that. The bullets fired also deal electricity-based damage, as well.
- - - Other: She can talk strangers into doing whatever she wants, within reason and within self-preservative limits. She can plan for heists on larger targets like maximum-security prisons or major government agencies, and her analytical thinking lets her revise on the fly much better as well. When faced with cops she can talk or shoot herself out of it with equal chances of success either way, depending on what exactly's going on. She owns a better condo now too, and is on her way to being a millionaire.
- - - Weaknesses:

- Level 3:
- - - Abilities: Permanently enhancing and altering tech or devices is at last a practical and lucrative endeavor, and everything has a certain Star Wars flare going on too. Guns become high-tech slugthrowers, for example, or a graphing calculator becomes a wrist-mounted personal supercomputer, and she could disassemble and reassemble every last piece. More importantly, for her at least, these things are resalable!
- - - Skills: She's the equivalent of a black belt now, and can match competent police marksmen for shooting ability; this is made all the stronger since she can now apply her analytical powers to combat, anticipating her opponents and reacting to counter them at every turn. She's also a master mechanic and technologist, and there are few locks, safes, or security systems she can't pick apart and disable now.
- - - Equipment: There's definitely a supernatural vibe going on with her bike and her ancestral machine gun now. The bike goes so fast she's had to implant herself with reflex boosters that interface with the thing to help her handle it right, and it definitely leaves a trail of lightning behind; the gun can now emit various levels of electricity, and she trapped a tiny wormhole in a drum magazine for unlimited power and ammunition too.
- - - Other: Heists like Fort Knox, the Pentagon, AEGIS or the Artificer's Guild are achievable now, and she can smooth talk just about anyone into going along for the ride. Simply talking her way in is an option too, but this feels too much like cheating to her so she tries not to unless there's no other choice. She bought herself a luxury penthouse suite at Twist Tower to call home now, and can now comfortably live the high life as one of the moneyed elite. So long as she keeps to a life of crime to keep up the lifestyle, of course. But she wouldn't have it any other way!
- - - Weaknesses:

- Level 4:
- - - Abilities: There's no denying her magical ability now, and she's had to buy out a mid-sized department store (complete with overpaid staff) and at least three different aliases to keep up with the demand for the warped stuff she puts out. There's even different flavors, ranging from pure steampunk to post-apoc to Star Trek and Star Wars and any other genre you can imagine. The criminal or quasi-legal applications for such talents are limitless, at this point.
- - - Skills: MMA cage-fighting is an afternoon diversion for her now, and she can outshoot veteran commandos if she has to. Combat is almost boring thanks to her powers of analysis, and she has to hold it back to keep it interesting. There isn't a pocket she can't pick, a lock or vault she can't pry open, a ride she can't boost... she's the perfect goddess of thievery at this point.
- - - Equipment: Somehow she managed to bind an elemental lightning spirit to her Suzuki now, and it can both fly and travel at the speed of a thunder clap; the reflex-enhancers can barely keep up, so fast does it zoom along.
- - - Other:
- - - Weaknesses:

Base of Operations: Currently she has a small condo, but she's moving up in life and definitely plans on leaving it behind.

Description: Face claim is Kaya Scodelario.

Jade stands 5'7" and has a curvy, athletic frame, with long dark hair and blue eyes. She disdains flashy outfits, save where a heist requires it, and typically dresses in unassuming clothes that are easy to move around in and to hide weapons or equipment within. Her favored gun is the Thompson SMG once owned by her famous great-grandfather, John Dillinger, whom she aspires to emulate or even overshadow one day.

She cultivates a bland accent that most couldn't pin down, although she can adopt other accents if need be. One day she plans on designing a special suit for herself, but she has to hone her abilities that far first. Finally, she is afraid of large dogs, and will abandon a heist completely if several such animals appear to mix things up.


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