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Jennifer Bryans / Zephyr


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#1 Jennifer Bryans

Jennifer Bryans

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Posted 06 July 2014 - 12:12 AM

Real Name: Jennifer Bryans

Codename: Zephyr

Affiliation: Hero

Species: Powered human

Origin: Boreas the Wind-Wielder once rescued a schoolbus full of kids (that's how he got the high school named after him). Jennifer was one of those kids. Since then, she's been obsessed with all things superheroic, and in particular with Boreas.


She probably inherited her powers from her father; her mom is baseline, though not through lack of trying to find her inner eye or awaken her true self. Her visions manifested only in dreams until the first time she tried alcohol.

Skills and training: Most of a high school education.

Superhuman abilities: Visions of the future. These visions only happen when she is in an altered state of consciousness. The character of the visions--or at least, of her ability to make sense of and remember them--changes depending on the way she has reached that state.

  • Sleep: her visions are difficult to tell from normal dreams, and often blend into them.
  • Depressants (including alcohol): her visions are clear and coherent, and she can report them as she has them, but she is entirely unable to remember them.
  • Hallucinogens: she is able to remember her visions, but is entirely unable to interact with the present until the drug has run its course.
  • Stimulants do not cause her to have visions.

Advancement levels

- Level 1
- - - Abilities: Visions of the future, which come whenever she is in an altered state of consciousness. She cannot control what time or what people she watches, although they tend to take place in or near Metro City. 
- - - Skills: She has some practice in recognizing what is a vision and what is just a dream.
- - - Equipment: None
- - - Other: Her mother has access to hallucinogens, but won't really want to share with her teenage daughter.
- - - Weaknesses: Physically average teenager.

- Level 2
- - - Abilities: With a great deal of focus and effort, she can direct her non-dream visions to focus on either a certain person, a certain place, or a certain time. She cannot yet see a certain person at a certain time, though.
- - - Skills: She is able to wake up every morning with a relatively clear recollection of the visions she had the night before.
- - - Equipment: Vision journal
- - - Other:
- - - Weaknesses:

- Level 3
- - - Abilities:
- - - Skills: Jennifer has started to learn to meditate. When she takes drugs while meditating on what it is she wants to have a vision of, she usually is able to see it.
- - - Equipment:
- - - Other:
- - - Weaknesses:

- Level 4
- - - Abilities:
- - - Skills:
- - - Equipment:
- - - Other:
- - - Weaknesses:

Base of Operations: The townhouse she shares with her mom.

DescriptionA chubby high-schooler with brown hair that she dyes black infrequently enough that the roots are usually showing for about an inch.

Miscellaneous: Has already posted a whole bunch as a civilian.

Introduce Yourself: I am Vigs!


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