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Diana Fisher / Minnow


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Posted 05 July 2014 - 05:38 PM

Real Name: Diana Fisher

Codename: Minnow

Affiliation: Hero, registered with CAPE

Species: Powered human

Origin: Minnow was the nickname her father gave her, as he warned her about staying away from trouble. "The world is full of sharks, little minnow; swim fast and stay hidden and you'll be safe." Diana's family had run a fishing business for generations, first in Italy and later in the US. (Her family's name, Pesce, was changed by customs officials to Fisher. Her grandfather couldn't figure out what the problem was; they were fishers; they'd always been fishers; what language the name was in shouldn't matter.)

Her parents had always stayed clear of mob connections, despite increasingly strong-armed attempts to get them to smuggle illicit goods in their boats. Eventually, the mob got tired of waiting, and killed most of her family to set an example for other businesses that wouldn't cooperate.

Diana was fourteen, helping her dad haul out the day's catch in the evening, when her father pushed her into the water to save her life. She discovered previously-unknown powers, but not in time to save her family. It's been ten years since then, and she's joined CAPE, got a degree, and started her own business.

Skills and training: Fishing, boating, swimming, SCUBA, various ocean transports (can surf, waterski, etc, but has no particular interest in them) - her mundane job is a SCUBA instructor, and she's on call with the Coast Guard to help with water rescues in the area. (They know her as a skilled diver; her CAPE affiliation is moderately secret.) She's picked up basic gun and hand-to-hand skills, more to deal with bullies who target women who work near the docks than anything hero-related or even family-revenge related. She knows how to manage a business and has a degree in Fisheries and Wildlife Science. She speaks English and Italian fluently from childhood, and has picked up somewhat accented but near-fluent Spanish over the last decade.

Superhuman abilities: Shrinking (1/2, 1/4, 1/8 or 1/16 normal height), slippery energy-shield that makes her faster and harder to hurt as she gets smaller, swimming/underwater breathing while shrunk. In her normal form, she has an unnatural agility in the water and can hold her breath for much longer than humanly safe (about 30 minutes, during which she can be active--probably a couple of hours if she's very still). She can also swim faster and dive deeper (about 500 ft unassisted) than people who aren't Olympic athletes. The energy field is slippery and hard to hold.

Advancement levels: At each level, she can shrink to an additional half her size, increasing her defensive ability and movement. She can shift between sizes at will.

- Level 1: Shrink to 1/2 size, 1/8 normal weight; run fast; swim faster than humanly possible.
- - - Abilities: Shrink to 84cm (just under 3 ft tall), which gives her a visible energy shield which looks like a slick aura on her skin; it makes her slippery and fast. She can run at about triple her normal speed by "skating" on the energy field (~15-20mph), and she can swim at about 10-12mph--she can keep up with dolphin pods and any fish that aren't in a big hurry. At this size, she weighs under 20lbs but the energy shield keeps her moving normally, for the most part. It absorbs much of the shock of blows to her; she doesn't get thrown across the room by a single punch.

She has her full normal strength when shrunk; the energy field compensates for some of the inertia/friction problems, but not all--she can (barely) drag an unconscious person around even at her tiniest, but it's easier to be at a height that can reach doorknobs.

The energy field is also defensive--it absorbs the shock of physical blows, and is hard to penetrate. A normal-strength stab or cut with a knife won't get through; it will reduce but not prevent a bullet from hurting her; it would likely bruise badly instead of puncturing. It's also slippery; she can get away from most holds, and tying her with ropes is difficult. It will absorb some energy from energy attacks, so they would affect her somewhat less than if she were normal sized. (A candle flame wouldn't hurt at all.) Most fish can't bite through it (large sharks can), and it apparently tastes awful. It similarly protects her from deep water pressure - she can safely dive over 1000 feet.
- - - Skills: Moderate hand-to-hand self-defense skills. Excellent boating, fishing, SCUBA and similar skills.
- - - Equipment: Owns a boat, SCUBA gear including rentals/loaners in many sizes, various other water equipment. (Has a harpoon gun in her office because tourists like that kind of thing. Terrific collection of shells. And so on.)
- - - Other:
- - - Weaknesses: While the energy field and whatever causes her transformation tends to absorb the "extra" damage attacks would do based on her size, a knife that barely punctures a normal human could pierce her internal organs, if it can get through.

- Level 2: Shrink to 1/4 normal size. While shrinking is near-instant, she has to do each step separately--first from full size to half size, then from half to quarter size, and vice versa.
- - - Abilities: Shrink down to 42 cm (16 and a half inches tall); she can swim at about 25mph. Can run/skate on land at about 25-30mph, although it may take a bit of distance to reach full speed. The field's defensive powers increase as well; it will stop more than normal-strength stabs (like shark bites, or most industrial equipment) and reduce bullet damage to the equivalent of a punch on a normal-sized person. She weighs a few pounds at this size, and can dive more than half a mile safely.
- - - Skills: (Possibly to be added, but likely no important changes.)
- - - Equipment:
- - - Other: Has learned a few stunts with the running/sliding--can run across a table, building up momentum, and allow the slide to take her into an opponent's midsection. (Or face, if the table was high enough.) While she only weighs a few pounds, that's enough to cause someone to double over or drop a weapon; if she's going full speed, that can be a serious injury.
- - - Weaknesses:

- Level 3: Shrink to 1/8 normal size. At this level, the energy field's effects stop being anything like "just treat damage as if it were done to a normal size person."
- - - Abilities:1cm (8 inches), swim about 35mph; run at 35-40. The energy field stops bullets and flamethrowers from damaging her--she can walk out of a collision between two large automobiles. She weighs about half a pound, maybe a bit more. Can dive one-and-a-quarter miles, or 2km.
- - - Skills:
- - - Equipment:
- - - Other: (More power stunts, tbd later.)
- - - Weaknesses:

- Level 4: 1/16 normal size.
- - - Abilities:10.5 cm (4" tall), swim about 50mph, or equal to the fastest fish in the ocean. (Several have been clocked at much faster, but only for short bursts.) Run at up to 60mph if she's pushing and has clear open space. Zips across a room very quickly (and looks even faster because she's so small), but nothing like superspeed. She's almost entirely immune to physical blows, and small damage from energy sources is diffused over her body enough that it's almost irrelevant. (A welder's torch flame might come up to her waist--but the heat damage would be partially absorbed and distributed across her body and so be irrelevant to her. She'd feel a bit of warmth from it.) Even very powerful bullets slide off the surface of the energy field. Her weight is negligible and she can disguise herself as someone's necklace or possibly even an earring. (About 1 oz.) She can dive about three miles down, but it's not like she can see anything when she gets there.
- - - Skills:
- - - Equipment:
- - - Other: Still has her normal strength (which is nothing exceptional), which is a *lot* more impressive at this size.
- - - Weaknesses:

Base of Operations: She runs a SCUBA training/tourism business on the docks. She has a small office building decorated with nautical gear; it has a couple of changing rooms and several loaner/rental SCUBA outfits. (She often has a couple for sale, but will direct people elsewhere for serious buying.)

Description: 5'6" (168cm), 128 lbs normally. Black hair, athletic build. Costume is blue-and-silver with fish scales covering most of her body and a blue domino mask. Her aura is visible as a slick sheen over her skin; it feels wet and slippery to the touch. It has a high albedo, especially as she gets smaller--highly reflective, easy to spot when she's moving.

Miscellaneous: The (probably) Mafia (she was never clear on the details) hasn't bothered her since since she got out of the fishing business, but they're probably watching her. Her closest relatives are some distant cousins in New York, and equally distant family in Italy.

She has a profound hatred for smugglers, especially arms- and drug-runners. She's not out for revenge--the years of getting used to her new powers drove most of that out of her head--but she especially likes jobs that involve going after organized crime or smuggling rings or both.

Introduce Yourself: I'm Elf; I also play Spider and Fauna. I can be reached on g'chat as elfwreck at gmail.


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