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Dr. Hector van Evil

Hector van Evil

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#1 Dr. Hector van Evil

Dr. Hector van Evil

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Posted 03 July 2014 - 02:39 AM

Real Name: As the autocratic ruler of Moveria, he has legally changed his name to Hector van Evil. All records of his previous name were purged.

Affiliation General: Ruler of Molveria

Affiliation: Creator of Sable

Origin: Hector van Evil was always a prodigy...and a nightmare. When he was five, the family cat disappeared under mysterious circumstances. When he was five and a half, it reappeared...changed. Mad Biology came as easily to him as finger-painting did to most children, and he had no compunctions about using his knowledge on everything and everyone around him. He grew up seeking power and scorning those around him, while secretly wishing that someone would give him the affection that his parents were no longer able to provide, thanks to his experimentation.


When the Soviet Union began to dissolve, he saw his chance and took it, carving out Molveria amid the chaos. At first, the people welcomed the stability, but soon it became clear that he saw them less as "citizens" than as "test subjects." By then, it was too late. The borders of the country were patrolled by unspeakable horrors. The next decade was a nightmare for the people of Molveria...until he met Sarah, the Red Cross nurse who demanded admittance to his country and changed his ways. 

Personality: Hector is completely reformed. Completely. How does he deal with his lingering sadistic impulses, you ask? Why, he certainly has none of those. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Powers/Abilities/Skills: He has been making military-grade (and, in most cases, war-crime-grade) biotechnology for decades. He is one of the preeminent geniuses of the world.

Weaknesses: Sarah, and their son James.

Notable Equipment: In anyone else's hands, it would all be notable. Body armor, a variety of guns that shoot a variety of nasty things, and, in one of his deepest laboratories, the abominations which used to roam Molveria's borders.

Appearance: Short, bald, and unimposing...until he opens his mouth.

Team/Organization/Group: Molveria


Usability: Please consult with Vigs

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