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Joey Cortez / Crime Crusher

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Joey Cortez

    Crime Crusher

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Posted 29 March 2014 - 07:47 PM

Real Name: Joseph 'Joey' Cortez

Codename: Joe, Crime Crusher

Affiliation: A common civilian, although he'd affiliate himself with the Heroes.

Species: A hundred percent normal human with no powers whatsoever.

Joseph Cortez, nickname Joey, was born in Mexico. The first few years of his life, he hardly remembers. Both his parents worked long hours to make ends meet and Joey was mostly raised by his grandmother. Despite that, the boy was a happy child and enjoyed his childhood to the fullest. At the age of 5, his father was offered a job in the USA, far away from their family, but financial security for the next years to come, and a fresh chance at life. Joey's father jumped at the opportunity to offer his family a better life and he, his wife, Joey and grandma moved to the country where dreams came true.

While in the United States, both of Joe's parents continued to work hard. His mother soon found two jobs as a waitress and a bartender, so she was hardly at home. His dad had become a successful business man who travelled all around the globe. Joe struggled in school, but luckily, he always had this grandmother to go home to. Grandma liked cooking. Joey liked eating. They spend most of the afternoons in their kitchen.

During his high school years, Joe was mostly known as 'the fat kid' or 'chubby', but because he had a pretty big mouth and sense of humor, he knew how to keep bullies at bay. The comments did hurt him, though, even if he never really admitted to that. He started to doubt himself and attempted several times to lose weight; all failing. He eventually gave up on the thought of ever becoming a normal size and tried to simply accept himself the way he was, but never fully succeeded at that.

While his father would've loved to see Joey following in his footsteps, the boy had no interest in becoming a cold businessman. Much rather, he wanted to do something to help people. He considered working in an orphanage in Ethiopia, but figured that was too far out of his comfort zone, and too far away from the food he was used to. Instead, he ended up as a concierge in a local school. Not exactly his dream job either, but hey. Occasionally, life sucked.

Like that time his grandmother got mugged in her house. Joe was 24 and had just moved out of his parents' house, into a dusty attic with only one tiny window, when he received a call from his upset grandmother. She'd been pushed over, got injured and was robbed of a lot of money and precious belongings. To recover from a broken hip, she stayed in the hospital for a good while, giving Joey the opportunity to move his stuff back over to her house. Clearly, his grandmother needed protection. And not just his grandmother. There were legions of old people out there who could use a hand to keep nasty people away.

That was the moment Crime Crusher was born.

Skills and training:
Joey's biggest weapon is his sense of humor. Either insulting a villain or making them laugh would be working in his favor. It's also a sort of defence mechanism, as joking about his own weight and appearance will make it seem like he doesn't truly care about it and that people can't get to him by using it against him.

Should humor fail to take his enemies out, Joe has a pretty big variety of cleaning products he can use. He knows how to make a bathroom shine and look as new, but also know which products irritate the skin and should not be used near the eyes. He usually has a spraycan of some sort hidden in his hero-hoody.

His weight is a rather big issue, though. He can't move around swiftly, even if he tries to. Of course he won't let that stop him from tracking and running down an evil person in the streets. It just means that, most of the time, he won't be successful in catching up with them and he'll either collapses or ends up having to walk all the way back to the place he came from. Neither of those are fun. He may not be very fast, but when he does manage to hit you, be prepared to suffer the pain and potentially a pretty big bruise.

Food is a rather big distraction as well. Even during a chase, Joe can't ignore Sal's Shrimp Stall or a hotdog stand by the side of the road.

Superhuman abilities: N/A

Base of Operations: Joe calls the janitor's closet at work his secret liar. This is where he plots how to fight against crime and evil, because he can no longer do this back home. His grandmother has told him to grow up and threw out all his carefully documented plans. Old ladies dont understand.

He currently lives with his grandmother, because there is no better way to protect her than being close to her. Right?

Joey is a 27 year old male, who is usually in a very good mood. He likes to smile, laugh and mess around. His hair is long and wavy and reaches his shoulders. Most of the time, he wears it down, although during his work, he tends to wear it in a ponytail to keep it from being all over the place. His eyes are a deep brown and he has a small beard and mustache. The first thing anyone would notice about Joe, though, is his physique, his weight. He is around 5'11" and weights over 300 pounds. His clothing is baggy and it looks as though he doesn't spend a lot of time on his appearance. At work, he wears a brown overall with a lovely nametag. His hero outfit may not be very impressive either. Honestly, it's just an oversized yellow hoody with a large C on it, with some deep pockets, where he keeps his 'weapons', and yellow-painted safety glasses. Because safety. He will pull the hood over his head to hide his hair and a big part of his face, to keep his identity hidden.

One of the most important things in Joey's life is to laugh. It makes him forget about life and his slightly boring job. Laughter makes people happy, right? Therefore, laughter is good. He can often be caught joking around and trying to make others laugh as well, even if it needs a little self mockery to achieve that. It's one of the reasons the kids at the school he works at are actually quite fond of him. The one thing he's utterly serious about, though, is fighting crime. Whether it's old ladies being robbed or people leaving their trash on the streets, Joe will be around to make the world a better place. Or he will attempt to.

In his spare time, he likes drawing, preferably comic-like pictures of superheroes and villains, but isnt particularly good at it. It's just something he likes to do for fun. Also, karaoke is awesome, despite the fact he can't sing to save his life. He can very well entertain people.

When first meeting Joey, he will always be friendly; no matter who you are or where you come from. He's candid and easily trusts people with small things, little secrets and he's also a very generous guy. When you're his friend, hell likely go to an extend for you. He might even playfully boast about himself, but he truly isn't that confident. When he puts on his yellow hoody, that changes. He believes in his own ability to fight evil, even if no one around him truly believes he's good at this.

Joe's a real people person. He likes being around people, likes to joke around with them, he even occasionally likes to be the center of attention. As long as he can entertain people, he's a happy guy. He's also very keen on keeping his secret identity hidden, but the common folk may be on to him more than he suspects.

Joe likes to think of himself as a modern Superman, with a secret identity and a janitors closet to change into his hero-outfit when needed. Only his identity really isn't so secret and most people just think he's escaped the nuthouse at some point or another. It's a fun sight, though, to see someone run around like a hero wannabe. As long as he doesnt get in the way of those who actually have to do their job.

Introduce Yourself:
My name is Senelfy, or Sen. I've been roleplaying for a good 8 years or so. I like crazy, fun, awkward, farfetched, weird, beautiful, long, character driven roleplays (and so much more could be added to that list). Currently, I do not have any other characters here, but that might just change. I could be reached through AIM or Gtalk by the username I use here as well. Looking forward to seeing y'all around the board!

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Posted 31 March 2014 - 06:01 PM


You’re approved! Welcome to Metro City!

Make sure you went and called dibs on your choice of play-by. Feel free to get connected with people for threads over instant messenger, in the CBox, or via the Out-of-Character Forum. Go everywhere! Have all the threads! Do all the things!

Storage for your extra teeth!

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